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The Dilemma

Americans are NOT saving enough.

In fact, 36% of Americans have NOTHING saved for retirement.
14% of people aged 65 and older have NO retirement savings
26% of people aged 50-64 have NO retirement savings
33% of people aged 30-49 have NO retirement savings
69% of people aged 18-29 have NO retirement savings

It Gets Even Worse…

36% of people have less than $1,000 of those that DO save
60% of people have than $25,000 of those that DO save

The Reasons You Don’t Save
“I Deserve This (and this…and this)!”
Translation – You’re trying to fill an emotional void. Solution: Reframe your thinking around what you deserve. Don’t you deserve financial security and a comfortable retirement more than a fleeting buzz of instant gratification?

The Reasons You Don’t Save
“I have to Worry About My Family!”
Translation – You pay yourself last. Women, all too often, worry about needs of others, thereby neglecting their own future security. But given all the statistics regarding women consistently under earning men, living longer, and the risk of divorce and widowhood, women need to be saving more for themselves today than ever before.
Solution –Pay Yourself First!

The Reasons You Don’t Save
“I Can’t Even Think About The Future!”
Translation – You don’t have a plan. Solution: Take 15 to 30 minutes tonight to consider your financial goals.

Why do you need Indexed Universal Life insurance?

  • Your Policy’s Potential Cash Value Can Accumulate Tax Deferred and Never Decrease Due To Market Volatility
  • Options can include a fixed account and index accounts like the S & P 500 or blended indexes.
  • Life insurance, if tragedy occurred, could provide
    • Supplemental or pay for college funding
    • Payments or pay off of mortgage and other debts
    • Business succession
    • Estate tax coverage
    • Even final expenses

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